A brand created in 2008 by visionaries, who wanted to share their interests with those around them. Mainly the creation of a new genre, new style, new artist management without forgetting new style including hairstyle. The project took shape with the opening of a hair salon in Laval, with a new clothing collection for everyone.

After many years, we took the time to adjust our vision to that of a collection for athletes and also personalized. We have included care items, exercise equipment, care items etc. We're all about sports and its attractions. We seek to provide you with the expertise of qualified coaches, in all sporting fields, in your region. Our plus program which includes capsules, videos and training sessions available to you, through our website. Plus you can make an appointment for a private training session in the comfort of your home.

Offer unique creations, sportswear, stylish and comfortable, personalized and adapted to each of our customers. Our philosophy is to put the customer at the center of our priorities.

We want to be the pioneers of amateur sport.


We want to offer a variety of services (stylist, fashion designer, couture, etc.), personalized and adapted to each of our clients. Provide all our sports customers with trendy clothing and accessories adapted to their lifestyle, personality and budget.

To positively influence the manufacturing of our clothes. We seek to improve the impact we have. An ambitious long-term goal for what we want to achieve through our collective efforts. Far beyond simply manufacturing high-quality products, our vision is to leverage our vertically integrated manufacturing model, expertise and reach that we have acquired over the years.


Our vision our goal is to help you stay ENFOM.